“Hallelujah. CHANCE.!” -> Kenzou

~* Episode 1 *~

♥ “The key that opens the door of miracle is in everyone’s hand. But the ones who realize that are far and few. A miracle great enough to change one’s destiny doesn’t always come. With the desire to change and the small steps you take forward, the door of miracle will open someday.” -> Yosei/Fairy

♥ “‘It’s better to marry someone you love second best than the one you love most,’ there are people who say that smugly. Do people really know if the person they’re dating now is someone they love second best? But one thing’s for sure: At the moment when you’re about to lose the person you love the most in life.. You’ll realize that he/she is the one.” -> Yosei

♥ “Oscar Wilde once said, men always want to be a woman’s first love, women like to be a man’s last romance. But you.. even though you’re a guy, from the bottom of your heart, you want to become her last lover.” -> Yosei

♥ “History has proven that making excuses is what humans do best!” -> Yosei

~* Episode 3 *~

♥ “Humans have this bad habit of turning to words like ‘never expected’ or ‘accidental’ whenever anything unfavorable happens!” -> Yosei

~* Episode 4 *~

♥ “‘Do get there?’ Do-ge-zaaaa… (kneel down and bow your head). -> Tsuru [gahaha!!! This part made me laugh so much]

♥ Eri: Why is it that girls want second buttons anyway?

Rei: Maybe Eri wouldn’t understand.

Eri: And why is it the second button anyway? If you’re going to get it, then isn’t the first one better?

Rei: It’s the second one because it’s nearest to the heart.

Eri: Heart?

Rei: The uniform is something you wear all the time in high school, right? That’s why the second button is chocked full of that person’s feelings.

~* Episode 5 *~

♥ “Human beings look for reasons when things don’t go well. The circumstances, the timing, the weather and the luck. They pull out all these various excuses to console themselves. ‘It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.’, ‘If only I could do it all over again.’ Will it really turn out well if you get to do it all over again?” ->Yosei

♥ “If you keep thinking there’s always tomorrow, you’ll suffer for it. Those who say they’ll do it tomorrow are idiots!” -> Grandpa of Rei

~* Episode 6 *~

♥ “It’s a taboo if you jump to conclusions.” -> Yosei

~* Episode 8 *~

♥ “The famous Abraham Lincoln once said this: ‘I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise.'” -> Yosei

[Note: I know it’s not yet complete, I suddenly stopped writing quotes/lines when things/happenings get so exciting, and I just can’t pause it! LOL but still, enjoy] :]