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Meet Parin !! Ain’t she a cutey? Hoho. Anyway, I just finished playing this game and it’s so awesome.

You can change her name at the beginning to whatever suits you best. She’s a new comer in this little mining town where she came to live with his grand father, Hyperbolic who is the mayor of that town, due to her parents are away and is travelling around the world.

“There’s no child that lives here.” Pretty boring for an only kid in town, huh? While walking around, she heard a dog barking and went to see what it is, she saw a girl, thinking that she knew she wasn’t the only kid in town.

She saved the girl and BAM (lol), there goes the beginning of the story. The girl’s a monster, and only kids could see them. More like, the cartoon Monster Allergy.

So yeah, there’s some place or caves that has puzzles in it that made me go dizzy. I finished this game around for 2 days i think. xD

I got lazy by the near end when I have to face the Prince.. I didn’t even get to pawn the black bean in Oblivion Abyss ‘coz it’s hard and I’m too lazy to start it all over again. :\

I really like all the monsters in the monster world, especially Motoro~ the cat monster xD he’s soooooo cute.. not to mention that he has a golden bell. XD And oh yeah, the dragon “Tokaron” whose curse was lifted after I pawned it, turned into a little dragon. *Lmao* (gya gya)

The ending movie was great! I’m just kind of impressed where they showed her grand father, looking to the ball and kicked it backwards. He still has the moves, huh? Way cool. And oh, I love the ending music, though, I don’t even know where to download it or rather I don’t even know the title of it. -o-

For me I’d give it a 8.3 score~ =3 It’s a great action-role-playing game, it’s totally fun, so I really recommend this to all PSP players.

The Good:

  • Engaging combat mechanics
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Most of the characters are likable and exude charm
  • Lengthy story will keep you entertained.

The Bad:

  • Background environments are pretty bland
  • A few of the voice actors can get annoying
  • Some blatantly unoriginal elements.

I was greatly shocked about this game.. I never thought that EA would make The Sims 3. I really love playing this game since from the first one. I saw some of the screenshots in the main site of The Sims 3 and I find the graphics awesome. This game was released in this year, 2009, I don’t really know the exact date.

From what I’ve read, everything’s new here.. You can create your Sim with unique personalities, new customization, new everything! There’s no loading time anymore if you wanted to go the neighborhood. There’s even a story mode where you can share the life of your Sim to other people.

I really wanted to try this out, but, I don’t have enough budget to buy the original CD.. Buying the fake CDs? Meh.. I’d rather buy the original than fake one..

I just love the style tool where you can customize all the patterns of your house up to your very own sim. <— The official website

A Sample Screen shot I got from google.

Well, what are you all waiting for? This is a new awesome game for 2009 that all of us can get addicted with.


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