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Original Title:【替え歌】腐娘々/サービス/メドレー【バ行の腐女子】
Original URL from Niko Niko Douga:
Sang by: バ行の腐女子(Bagyou no Fujoshi)

Romaji Lyrics(kindly done by DecadenceTea, thank you!):…

—————————————- —
The Ultimate Yaoi Fangirl Song
English Lyrics
—————————————- —

Delineate yaoi at the mezzo of the rotten brine.
The ukes and semes would be dancing wildly about,
once you’re lost in phantasma.
The key to your room that you were keeping cautiously.
Even if you hide all things that are shameful,
you’re essentially a fangirl afterall.

I want to stay in my room! I want to stay in my room!
The undeniable temptation to fly off to the 2D world.
I won’t be stopping until I find the way to overcome the boundary between dimensions.
Hey, wanna join us?
There’s the heaven of Adam and Adam awaiting us over there.

Clutch the yaoi anthology in your hand. Foowoo.
Clutch the new yaoi doujinshi in your hand. Foowoo.
I want to devour all the worlds that our comrades has created.
MONEY That flew away like a butterfly.
MOTHER That shed tears like a raindrop.
I tried to wash my hands of, but it seemed pointless 8D
My fancies are simlpy unstoppable.

Kyun Kyun Kyun Kyun
Tomorrow’s plan is (tomorrow’s plan is)

If my mother found out my yaoi book…
“Please, don’t look at me like that…”
“Never prowl about my room anymore! In fact, forget what you saw! Please.”
Even if I murmur, “…I’m not a fangirl.” By all means, it was meaningless.

Homo homo~.

My partner from my former fandom. She’s now married.
I was able to get along cuz you were there for me.
I thought you would stay as glorious losers just like us. orz
I really want someone who could share this feeling right now.

Hot guys mount each other and crashes right down there.
We take pleasure by such intimate relationship.
Our heart reflects such tainted images.
Silver drifts for the summer and winter convention.

A smirk spills before the upcoming festival.
NO YAOI, NO LIFE. Lol just kidding, you pervert!
NEET Lady Need Money
Check up the famous circles!
GO! Even if you’re not young!
Cuz this is your one and only life you have.
No BL! No Life! Cuz I wanna get it, lalalalalala~,
I keep going to Tokyo Bigsight.

3. A strange atmosphere.
2. Are you Lady?
1. Tons of yaoi doujinshis!
0. Eyes sparkling madly.

“Did you buy ’em?” “Hell yeah I did!”
I wanna keep going. I wanna keep going.
I still wanna enjoy the pleasure. (Have you YAOId~?)
The characters gazes at each other by the guidance of the fangirls. (Yes, I’ve YAOId~!)
The story ends and the fandom gradually fades away.
BUT! I’ve found the next character to fangirl over, so I still can’t rest myself.

I’m fancying, when their eyes meet each other.
I’m stimulating, when their hand touches each other’s.

What was I born for? What am I here for?
I wanna rewind the clock. That time, when I still wasn’t a fangirl.
Everyone left me…
But I was able to come across such great fellows.
(I’m not alone anymore.)
I’ve strayed about. We’re the same, aren’t we? I wanna enjoy tattling together with you.
I’ve decided to go to bed, cuz I’m likely to enjoy a dazzling dream tonight.

(I’m not alone anymore. Cuz I have my fellows by my side…)
I want to survive. I don’t mind being at the edge of the cliff.
I love you, yaoi.
With the guidance of the fangirl goddess…(with the guidance…)

I want to survive. I still wanna stay rotten.
I LOVE YAOI.(I love you.)
I won’t be sleeping until my earnest soul burns out.

I’d be enjoying myself tomorrow again. Tomorrow again…
We’re such crazy fangirls, yes we are…

~* LOL I just can’t stop laughing XD I just totally love this music video~!! It’s the best! ALL YAOI FANGIRLS UNITE XD ahahaha

Featuring: Yui = Yuu
Mio = Mikio
Ritsu = Rikku
Tsumugi = Tsumuji

Just found this in youtube, and I fell in love with the voices~ Cool, ne~?

Cagayake! Boys [Cagayake! Girls] LoL XD

Don’t Say Lazy

Fuwa Fuwa Time ~* I love the fanart here~ It’s super hot~ *~

Recently I’ve been on youtube lurking for some great vids.. And suddenly I found this video in my “Recommended for You” box, out of curiosity, I watched it, (well that’s what I always do) xD Anyway, I just want to say.. That I totally love this video.. The song, the lyrics, the animation, the story’s beautiful, I love it all. This video made me cry so much, kind of reminds me of my first pet hamster.. 😥 What made me cry so much is the ending part.. Sad, so so sad.. T_T


Presenting ~ Jinnai Tomonori 陣内智則 (じんない とものり)

I just found this while lurking last day in youtube.. And out of curiosity I checked out one of his videos.. Never thought that it’ll be so funny. xD

I just really want to recommend this to all of the viewers, it can make your depression or sadness go away.

I love how he represent well that media that has been playing on his background, he really acts very good.

Well, he’s an actor anyway from the japanese romance drama, The 59th Proposal.

Me and my brother really loved all of his comedy skits, especially the tetris game.


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