– Mongol800

01. Anata ni

02. Song for you

03. Chiisana Koi no Uta

04. Melody

05. Tsuki Akari no Shita de

06. For Life

07. Oyashirazu -Summer Again-

08. HEY Mommy

09. Marriage Blue

10. Mujyun no Ue ni Saku Hana

11. Ryuu Kyuu Kaika

12. Dear My Lovers

13. Yume Kanau

14. Dandelion

You can download the album here.

Chiisana Koi no Uta

Hiroi uchuu no kazu aru hitotsu
Aoi chikyuu no hiroi sekai de
Chiisana koi no omoi wa todoku
Chiisana shima no anata no moto e
Anata to deai toki ha nagareru
Omoi wo kometa tegami mo fueru
Itsushika futari tagai ni hibiku
Toki ni hageshiku toki ni setsunaku
Hibiku ha tooku haruka kanata e
Yasashii uta ha sekai wo kaeru
Hora anata ni totte daiji na hito hodo
Sugu soba ni iru no
Tada anata ni dake todoite hoshii
Hibike koi no uta
Hora hora hora hibike koi no uta
Anata ha kidzuku futari ha aruku
Kurai michi demo hibi terasu tsuki
Nigirishimeta te hanasu koto naku
Omoi ha tsuyoku eien chikau
Eien no hanawa kitto boku ha iu
Omoi kawarazu onaji kotoba wo
Soredemo tarizu namida ni kawari yorokobi ni nari
Kotoba ni dekizu tada dakishimeru tada dakishimeru
Hora anata ni totte daiji na hito hodo
Sugu soba ni iru no
Tada anata ni dake todoite hoshii
Hibike koi no uta
Hora hora hora hibike koi no uta
Yume naraba semenai de yume naraba semenai de
Anata to sugoshita toki eien no hoshi to naru
Hora anata ni totte daiji na hito hodo
Sugu soba ni iru no
Tada anata ni dake todoite hoshii
Hibike koi no uta
Hora anata ni totte daiji na hito hodo
Sugu soba ni iru no
Tada anata ni dake todoite hoshii
Hibike koi no uta
Hora hora hora hibike koi no uta

Ace suddenly wants to live..

And! Luffy wants another vigour hormone.. Like OMG, he’s in the depths of death.. I just can’t wait for the next chapter to be out… It’s like Do or Die.. What could happen next. o.O

“Hallelujah. CHANCE.!” -> Kenzou

~* Episode 1 *~

♥ “The key that opens the door of miracle is in everyone’s hand. But the ones who realize that are far and few. A miracle great enough to change one’s destiny doesn’t always come. With the desire to change and the small steps you take forward, the door of miracle will open someday.” -> Yosei/Fairy

♥ “‘It’s better to marry someone you love second best than the one you love most,’ there are people who say that smugly. Do people really know if the person they’re dating now is someone they love second best? But one thing’s for sure: At the moment when you’re about to lose the person you love the most in life.. You’ll realize that he/she is the one.” -> Yosei

♥ “Oscar Wilde once said, men always want to be a woman’s first love, women like to be a man’s last romance. But you.. even though you’re a guy, from the bottom of your heart, you want to become her last lover.” -> Yosei

♥ “History has proven that making excuses is what humans do best!” -> Yosei

~* Episode 3 *~

♥ “Humans have this bad habit of turning to words like ‘never expected’ or ‘accidental’ whenever anything unfavorable happens!” -> Yosei

~* Episode 4 *~

♥ “‘Do get there?’ Do-ge-zaaaa… (kneel down and bow your head). -> Tsuru [gahaha!!! This part made me laugh so much]

♥ Eri: Why is it that girls want second buttons anyway?

Rei: Maybe Eri wouldn’t understand.

Eri: And why is it the second button anyway? If you’re going to get it, then isn’t the first one better?

Rei: It’s the second one because it’s nearest to the heart.

Eri: Heart?

Rei: The uniform is something you wear all the time in high school, right? That’s why the second button is chocked full of that person’s feelings.

~* Episode 5 *~

♥ “Human beings look for reasons when things don’t go well. The circumstances, the timing, the weather and the luck. They pull out all these various excuses to console themselves. ‘It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.’, ‘If only I could do it all over again.’ Will it really turn out well if you get to do it all over again?” ->Yosei

♥ “If you keep thinking there’s always tomorrow, you’ll suffer for it. Those who say they’ll do it tomorrow are idiots!” -> Grandpa of Rei

~* Episode 6 *~

♥ “It’s a taboo if you jump to conclusions.” -> Yosei

~* Episode 8 *~

♥ “The famous Abraham Lincoln once said this: ‘I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise.'” -> Yosei

[Note: I know it’s not yet complete, I suddenly stopped writing quotes/lines when things/happenings get so exciting, and I just can’t pause it! LOL but still, enjoy] :]

I bet I will have a very boring christmas vacation… Me and my group in our class still have to do a programming project that needs to be passed on Dec.25…

Meh.. -o- But still, I’m excited tomorrow and this coming next monday~ yey! ice skating~! x3

Well.. Got nothing new for today… It’s just that it’s my first time to go out wearing a business attire XD Haha studying in Informatics in Northgate is such a good idea… Me and some of my classmates learned new lessons.. Oh yeah, CHS(Computer Hardware Service) is what we are taking there right now.. Just for 4 months.. We have so many hands-on activities and I think it’s a really great experience ! XD

Oh my god >.<

I thought my blog got banned because I’m not yet removing the music downloads page.. Meh.. but soon I’ll be removing it too..

And maybe if I’ve got the time.. I’ll renew my blog again… XD

Original Title:【替え歌】腐娘々/サービス/メドレー【バ行の腐女子】
Original URL from Niko Niko Douga:
Sang by: バ行の腐女子(Bagyou no Fujoshi)

Romaji Lyrics(kindly done by DecadenceTea, thank you!):…

—————————————- —
The Ultimate Yaoi Fangirl Song
English Lyrics
—————————————- —

Delineate yaoi at the mezzo of the rotten brine.
The ukes and semes would be dancing wildly about,
once you’re lost in phantasma.
The key to your room that you were keeping cautiously.
Even if you hide all things that are shameful,
you’re essentially a fangirl afterall.

I want to stay in my room! I want to stay in my room!
The undeniable temptation to fly off to the 2D world.
I won’t be stopping until I find the way to overcome the boundary between dimensions.
Hey, wanna join us?
There’s the heaven of Adam and Adam awaiting us over there.

Clutch the yaoi anthology in your hand. Foowoo.
Clutch the new yaoi doujinshi in your hand. Foowoo.
I want to devour all the worlds that our comrades has created.
MONEY That flew away like a butterfly.
MOTHER That shed tears like a raindrop.
I tried to wash my hands of, but it seemed pointless 8D
My fancies are simlpy unstoppable.

Kyun Kyun Kyun Kyun
Tomorrow’s plan is (tomorrow’s plan is)

If my mother found out my yaoi book…
“Please, don’t look at me like that…”
“Never prowl about my room anymore! In fact, forget what you saw! Please.”
Even if I murmur, “…I’m not a fangirl.” By all means, it was meaningless.

Homo homo~.

My partner from my former fandom. She’s now married.
I was able to get along cuz you were there for me.
I thought you would stay as glorious losers just like us. orz
I really want someone who could share this feeling right now.

Hot guys mount each other and crashes right down there.
We take pleasure by such intimate relationship.
Our heart reflects such tainted images.
Silver drifts for the summer and winter convention.

A smirk spills before the upcoming festival.
NO YAOI, NO LIFE. Lol just kidding, you pervert!
NEET Lady Need Money
Check up the famous circles!
GO! Even if you’re not young!
Cuz this is your one and only life you have.
No BL! No Life! Cuz I wanna get it, lalalalalala~,
I keep going to Tokyo Bigsight.

3. A strange atmosphere.
2. Are you Lady?
1. Tons of yaoi doujinshis!
0. Eyes sparkling madly.

“Did you buy ’em?” “Hell yeah I did!”
I wanna keep going. I wanna keep going.
I still wanna enjoy the pleasure. (Have you YAOId~?)
The characters gazes at each other by the guidance of the fangirls. (Yes, I’ve YAOId~!)
The story ends and the fandom gradually fades away.
BUT! I’ve found the next character to fangirl over, so I still can’t rest myself.

I’m fancying, when their eyes meet each other.
I’m stimulating, when their hand touches each other’s.

What was I born for? What am I here for?
I wanna rewind the clock. That time, when I still wasn’t a fangirl.
Everyone left me…
But I was able to come across such great fellows.
(I’m not alone anymore.)
I’ve strayed about. We’re the same, aren’t we? I wanna enjoy tattling together with you.
I’ve decided to go to bed, cuz I’m likely to enjoy a dazzling dream tonight.

(I’m not alone anymore. Cuz I have my fellows by my side…)
I want to survive. I don’t mind being at the edge of the cliff.
I love you, yaoi.
With the guidance of the fangirl goddess…(with the guidance…)

I want to survive. I still wanna stay rotten.
I LOVE YAOI.(I love you.)
I won’t be sleeping until my earnest soul burns out.

I’d be enjoying myself tomorrow again. Tomorrow again…
We’re such crazy fangirls, yes we are…

~* LOL I just can’t stop laughing XD I just totally love this music video~!! It’s the best! ALL YAOI FANGIRLS UNITE XD ahahaha

Currently Ongoing~ ^^,

But, please do enjoy some of the songs I’ve put in my list.

MESSAGE – Mongol800 [Album]

– .rar format

Download Here

YOU – Kat-tun [mp3]

Download Here

K-ON! Gekichuka Shu Album: Ho-kago Tea Time” [K-On! Character Album]

– .zip/.rar format

Download here

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Hōkago Teatime,” a two-CD mini-album “performed” by the characters of the K-On! anime series, became the first anime character CD release to top either the weekly album or single chart of the Oricon survey firm. The CD release sold 67,000 copies to debut at #1 on the latest weekly album chart. No other album credited to fictional anime characters has ever reached that high.



Disc A: [Studio Mixes]

1. Curry Nochi Rice (Yui)

2. Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-kiss (Yui & Mio)

3. Fude Pen ~Boru Pen~ (Yui)

4. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Yui)

Disc B: [Live Mixes]

1. Curry Nochi Rice (Yui Live Mix)

2. Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-kiss (Yui Live Mix)

3. Fude Pen ~Boru Pen~ (Mio Live Mix)

4. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Yui Live Mix)

~* You can download it in here.

Empty Room

All alone in this empty room..
I lie down to my bed and stare at the ceiling
With my mind floating around.
Thoughts and questions were pouring out
as the rain began to fall.
Tears fall so fast. I can’t stop it..
“Is it acceptable for me to have a happy life?”
I turn side to side to my bed.. without knowing
what to do..
I opened my window..
I stared outside just to see
people.. having the best day they have..
“Those words…”
which I cannot forgive and forget..
“Why won’t anyone come and comfort me?”
No one can.. I’m all alone.. Even him..
“Does he understand?”
He doesn’t.. ‘Coz he doesn’t know what your life is..
The cycle of ups and downs like rollercoasters in a wonderful park
I lie there.. staring at my cellphone..
waiting for a message.. A message..
with a more soothing words..
I always thought that I’m already happy but
the thruth is, still inside this body and heart..
“A scar…” yes, a scar..
that won’t heal anymore..
“Cry..” “Tears..” yes, cry cry cry..
That’s all I can do, right?
But isn’t it so harsh.. No matter how long I cry,
how I cried so much
for someone.. help me.
No one comes to comfort me..
Don’t they realize..
I smile.. like nothing happened..
I just don’t want them to worry about me..
“Do they even worry about me?”
Inside of me..
wanted to shout out loud.
“Can’t you notice!? Please? Just please.. Can someone comfort me?
don’t want to be..
Crying for help is not gonna work..
“I know..”
I wish..
I wish I were on an accident,
I want to be in a hospital where it’s too quite..
My mind went blank..
Then a question pops out
“What is true happiness?
Is it.. when you have a lot of money?
When you can buy all the things you wanted?”
It’s not the right answer..
“Then, what is it?”
Don’t ask me.. I don’t know..
“But.. they love money?”
I don’t care..
Money is just the root of evil.
That’s why..
they became like that..
“Go away!”
“Hurt.. It.. hurts..”
“I’m such an idiot..”
Yes you are..
“Thank you..”
Only I know your true self..
I am you..
“You are me..”
Hey, me..
Do you think.. writing..
calms you?..
“Yeah, I think so..
even if it’s for a short time..
It’s great,
I can write all I wanted in just a piece of paper..”
Can papers wipe tears?..
“Of course it can..”
‘Grr.. Brrr.. Boom!’
Such a heavy rain, huh?
“I love rain..”
“ the same time..”
Hey, why do I like rain?
“It’s cold..
Noisy and heavy raindrops”
“No one..”
..can hear..
Scream out loud with all your might..
Let it wash away by the rain.
Get ready.
Get a pillow..
Put it in your face,
hug it tightly.
And at the same time.
Scream it all out with the rain and thunder..
No one.. can hear you..
After all that..
“Let me go..”
go to sleep..
No one comes to rescue you..
“Just let me sleep…” this empty room.


If you were a devil and I were an angel.. I'd be willing to tear my wings off and jump off from the clouds above just to be with you eternally.


August 2020